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Who’s got the bigger brain? Challenge your foes to an epic battle of trivia. Our 3 round format will determine who among your friends, family and unfamiliar foes is the greatest trivia champion of them all!

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Answer Correctly

3 rounds of play per match: General, Lightning & Bonus Rounds. Answer faster to score more points. It’s the only social trivia game to incorporate Quiz Bowl quality questions.

Power Ups

Use “Power Ups” to gain an advantage: Crain Drain, SloMo, Free Pass & 50/50. Crain Drain you use against your opponent to deplete their time faster.


Answer questions faster and earn more points. Earn medals and improve your game-to-game Trivia With Pals IQ! We'll be building out lots more cool features with the medals.

Pocket Change

Earn real world rewards for playing Trivia with Pals. Think of it like a prize at a pub trivia night or like American Express points that you earn within the game.

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